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TM Unifi Registration – Business User

TM Unifi Business Package Registration


TM UniFi FREE installation only covers the standard installation. ( 15 meter cable )

Non Standard installation is when:

1. The installation requires extra cable length (additional cable used shall be chargeable)
2. The cable route is either over the ceiling, wall concealed or any other way as opposed to the standard installation.

Any installation beyond the standard installation will be charged separately as quoted by the installer, and is to be paid directly on the installation day to the installer. Please be informed that the cost will be around RM50 for every 5 meter exceeding the standard 15 meters included in the FREE installation.

Minimal drilling at your premise may be required. However, if the cable route is over the ceiling, wall, concealed or any other than standard white plastic casing, the installer will charge based on the length and the FREE 15 meter will no longer apply. Expect to pay around RM10 – RM15 per meter and feel free to negotiate with the installer for the best deal.

TM Unifi Business Package Info