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Register Unifi Via Email

For those browsing this site using Ipad or Iphone, or you may have difficulty to register Unifi through online upload form.

Guide for Ipad : Snap your IC (front & Back). Then go to ‘Gallery’, choose the photo and choose email the photo option. Then copy and paste the below details to your email apps, then fill in the needed details.

Guide for PC : Copy and paste the below information needed and attach with supporting documents.

Finally, send the email to : [email protected]

*Note :

For TM Unifi Home Package : Must attach with IC copy ( front & back )

For TM Unifi Business Package : Must attach with IC copy ( front & back ) & Business registration form. (SSM or Form 9 or Business License )


Information needed :

Unifi Package : VIP5 / VIP10 / VIP 20 / BIZ 5 / BIZ 10 / BIZ 20

Full Name :

IC No :

Full Installation Address :

Building Type : Landed / High-rise ( 5 floor or more ) If apartment, please specify unit no, floor level, block :

Mobile Telephone No :

Home Telephone No :

Office Telephone No :

Are you currently using TM Streamyx at the above address? : Yes / No

Preferred Installation Day : Any time / Weekdays Only / Sunday or Saturday only.


 Send the email to : [email protected]